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3D Engineering | 전체게시물 2
3D Engineering 리스트
bugatti veyron solidwork modeling
bugatti veyron front hood 

bugatti veyron_suf_2.jpg

bugatti veyron_suf_3.jpg

bugatti veyron_suf_4.jpg

bugatti veyron_suf_5.jpg

bugatti veyron_suf_6.jpg

bugatti veyron_suf_7.jpg

bugatti veyron_suf_8.jpg

bugatti veyron_suf_9.jpg

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How to make set of light in the 3dmax?
How to make set of light in the 3dmax?

Style bar interior graphic design. Modeling,lighting, Graphic designing made in the 3dmax Studio. 
3dsmax Studio have been a lot of plugin renderer system, but one of them I'd like finalrender. 
Although finalrender have spend a lot of time than scanline render provide basic in the 3dsmax.
 final out rendering could get clean and near by reality calculate of the light setting.

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